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Crab Fishing in Alaska


Coming back to bfacts after a wide gap. You know why..?Went in hunt for Ethanol industry data hunt. Now I know you wont believe that. But I dont have any other excuse. Jokes aside. This post is about some interesting stuff you wont believe either. You know which is the highest paid job in the world..? Now believe me its Crab Fishing. I know what you feel. But for Gods sake you need to believe that.

Alaskan Crabs are very much famous and costly that it brings in good fortunes for the people who are involved in it. So is the pay for the folks who go in to the Arctic sea in hunt for Crabs. Especially the King Crab which is famous across America and Japan. Though the forutnes are good here so are the perils. You can imagine working in sub zero temperatures and ever howling freezing polar winds.That makes Crab Fishing in Alaska one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Working in such conditions deserve such huge pay.

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