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Uncertainty Continues

>Not sure whether it is coincidence or not, after I have started bfacts I only get to see adverse situations in global markets. The uncertainity prevails across global markets as a continuation of the US prime mortgage meltdown. CountryWide is struggling to assure its customers over their deposits as they have started knocking its branches […]

SubPrime Meltdown

> Financial markets across the world are experiencing jitters. India is also not insulated. Sensex plunged to 14,xxx shattering the dreams of touching 16000. Reason..? Subprime Mortgage meltdown. (Subprime Mortgage : Loans given to consumers who have poor credit history. The loans have high interest rate and lot of strings attached to it). Subprime defaulting […]

Appreciating Rupee

> Leave all the hifi statistics and business jargons the Rupee is Appreciating and that is the fact. Now the real quesiton is it really because of India’ strong economic growth or just the dollar is week. There are variety of reasons and facts that support both theory. If the rupee is reallly rising why […]