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Why aren’t More Indians Using Twitter? – Pandodaily is wrong

I frequent the recently launched Pandodaily.com for its excellent coverage on Startups and Technology trends. Their recent coverage on Google’s Search-Your-world fiasco was splendid. Especially Sarah Lucy’s (former Techcrunch Blogger) articles are a treat to read. But her recent post on Indians’ twitter usage is factually wrong. You can read the orignal article by clicking here […]

Can Yahoo! do it?

[dailymotion id=xg1avd] Yahoo is struggling to keep up with the current Web trend. Carol may sound more optimistic in the above video, but the latest news suggests that Yahoo is planning to cut 5% of workforce. Nevertheless, she does has a point about the Microsoft-Yahoo search deal. The ten year deal allows Bing to power […]

Oracle and Open Source

> Oracle’s War on Open Source Oracle has been in the news for the past few weeks not only because of its  stunning quarterly results but also its dealing with the opensource products it  bought along with Sun. Oracle claims it is world’s largest OpenSource Company and does offer numerous Opensource products. Though Redhat rebuts […]

My Write-Up published in Rediff.com

>Rediff.com recently published my write-up about iPad. It is available here. I am also pasting it below… ________________________________________Apple’s other iProducts are usually an improvement over existing products in that category and usually revolutionises the way people use them. A good example is the iPod which was not a brand new product in that category but […]

Oracle hints on Sun SParc Assets Part II

> With US DoJ approving Oracle-Sun deal, Oracle is slowly revealing its plans for Sun H/W assets. Here is another teaser/advt that Oracle runs about Suns hardware assets. I have seen this on most prominent web sites. It looks Oracle is willing to keep the Sun’s Hardware business with itself and is ready to invest […]

VMWare acquires SpringSource

>VMWare is acquiring SpringSource for around half a billion dollars.For the people who wonder what is a Virtualization/Datacenter has to do with a Java Enterprise application software company, you are not alone. I was too puzzled when I heard the news. Whatever the explanation CEO of VMWare gives or SpringSource’s CEO gives it doesnt somehow […]

Sun says its my SQL

>Suns acquisition of mysql didnt surprise me at all. Given Sun’s recent flirting with Open Source movement this is a logical outcome. But what surprised me is the cost of this acquisition. A staggering 1 billion dollars. Now how could Sun gets the maximum returns out of it..? Sun might want to convert the popular […]

Sun spreads its Rays

> Its always interesting to watch the growth and strategies of Sun Microsystems. One of the biggest successes of Silicon Valley enterpreneurship, Sun has always fascinated me. But the past few years has been miserable for Sun. Its topline fall and the reason….? Low cost intel machines running Linux. The much hyped win of Linux […]