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Seaplane project to start Oct 31

Will Seaplanes boost the tourism Industry in India? India is all set to start Seaplane based air transport starting Oct 31. Initially it will be between waterfronts in Gujarat and expanded further. The first seaplane will be operated by India’s SpiceJet airlines using a 19 seater accommodating 12-14 passengers. Its expected to give big boost […]

MNOs strike back – Can JOYN save them?

Telecom companies across the world are really in a double-bind. From Verizon to Telefonica to Airtel, are all feeling the heat from services like Facebook, Youtube, IMs etc. Commonly referred as Over-The-Top (OTT) providers, services like Instant Messaging, Video Streaming (Netfilix), VO-IP calls (Google Voice,Skype) have slowly started to eat both revenue and bandwidth¬†from the […]

Why aren’t More Indians Using Twitter? – Pandodaily is wrong

I frequent the recently launched Pandodaily.com for its excellent coverage on Startups and Technology trends. Their recent coverage on Google’s Search-Your-world fiasco was splendid. Especially Sarah Lucy’s (former Techcrunch Blogger) articles are a treat to read. But her recent post on Indians’ twitter usage is factually wrong. You can read the orignal article by clicking¬†here […]