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Sun spreads its Rays


Its always interesting to watch the growth and strategies of Sun Microsystems. One of the biggest successes of Silicon Valley enterpreneurship, Sun has always fascinated me. But the past few years has been miserable for Sun. Its topline fall and the reason….? Low cost intel machines running Linux. The much hyped win of Linux over Windows didnt happened till now. But as somebody predicted way before, Linux has eaten into Unix markets and eventually Suns market share. Investors confidence dropped and Sun started posting lossess. Eventually Scott (McNealy) stepped down as CEO (Continues as Chairman)

Jonathan Schwartz after becoming CEO has brought revloutionary changes. Thanks to John,he (was forced) to Open Source Solaris, I have a machine with a partition having the solaris as Operating System. Recently Sun has joined hands with IBM to offer Solaris on IBM intel Servers and eventually on Mainframes. Sun’s “Startup Essentials” package for developing markets like India and China is another initiative to grow into new markets. Sun has started posting profits after she had tough years of lossess. Finally the Sun is spreading its rays again after years of darkness.

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