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Which IPhone 12 model should you buy?


Hint: Don’t buy the Iphone 12 Mini at all.

Now the new Iphone 12 models (Iphone 12 and 12 Pro) have started to ship a question arises which Iphone should one buy. Though there seem to be a lot of things to be considered to choose the right model, I feel it all comes to the choice between pro (Pro and Pro Max) vs the non-pro (12 and 12 mini) models.

Except for the camera and the stainless steel sides the pro models don’t have any compelling features to warrant those extra bucks. Now all models including the non-pros have HD+,5g,Bionic 14 chips etc That leaves us to just choose between the regular 12 vs the 12 mini.

While the 12 mini is attractive in its small factor, it has one biggest fault. Battery size. Since the phone is small, the batter size is as well at 2,227mAh. The Iphone 12 on the other hand has a little better battery size at 2,815mAh. Find above the battery life comparison between various models.

With the battery consuming 5G it becomes even more important you choose a phone with bigger battery. That leaves out the Iphone12 mini totally out of the picture.

So at this point the regular 6.1 inch Iphone 12 to be the wise choice and value for money when choosing between the Iphones.


Here’s what Apple’s VP Kaiann Drance has to say about Iphone 12 model’s battery life concerns.

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